Practical Diabetes is a journal for healthcare professionals covering all aspects of diabetes care including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, obesity, new insulins and type 2 drugs, guidelines and policy issues and diabetes complications.
In the 2016 Health Readership Survey of Senior Doctors and Consultants in diabetes, Practical Diabetes was the most highly read diabetes journal with 86% of Consultants reading the journal in the last 12 months.

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2nd generation antipsychotics reduce insulin sensitivity and cause weight gain in young people

Second generation antipsychotics are associated with clinically evident metabolic effects in young people after only 12 weeks, say US researchers (JAMA...Read more

Diabetes and pancreatic cancer

‘Recent-onset diabetes is a manifestation of pancreatic cancer and long-standing diabetes is a risk factor for this malignancy’, say US investigators...Read more

Too much and too little sleep linked with metabolic syndrome

The Health Examinees (HEXA) Study is a cohort study in South Korea designed to investigate the epidemiological, genetic and environmental factors that are...Read more

UK children consume a year’s worth of sugar in 6 months

This eye-catching headline comes from Public Health England’s (PHE) publicity for its Change4Life campaign ( PHE says UK children...Read more

Post-breast cancer hormone therapy may increase diabetes risk

Women with breast cancer who receive hormone therapy may face a 4-fold increase in the risk of developing diabetes, say Israeli researchers (J Clin Oncol 2018;...Read more

Statins diabetes risk advice

“Patients should be reassured that the benefits of statins in preventing CVD events far outweigh the potential risk from elevation in plasma glucose,...Read more

Featured Articles

Diabetes mellitus and heart failure:insights from a toxic relationship
Heart failure (HF) and diabetes mellitus are often labelled the ‘deadly duo’ as patients with both have a significantly adverse prognosis. This article describes the rising incidence of HF in patients with diabetes and the factors that underpin this trend.
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Dietary approaches for patients with heart failure and diabetes
This review paper details what is known about the nutritional management recommendations for people living with both diabetes and HF. The only specific approach focusing on managing HF which is currently part of nutritional recommendations are those focused upon fluid and sodium intake to reduce blood volume. There is an emerging body of evidence to suggest individuals living with both diabetes and HF could benefit from dietary pattern approaches, e.g. the Mediterranean diet.
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Physical activity and structured exercise in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and heart failure
This article aims to provide health care professionals with the information required to tailor guidance relating to physical activity and exercise for individuals with T2DM and HF by: (1) presenting an overview of current guidelines, and (2) providing practical suggestions for their implementation.
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