Practical Diabetes is a journal for healthcare professionals covering all aspects of diabetes care including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, obesity, new insulins and type 2 drugs, guidelines and policy issues and diabetes complications.
In the 2016 Health Readership Survey of Senior Doctors and Consultants in diabetes, Practical Diabetes was the most highly read diabetes journal with 86% of Consultants reading the journal in the last 12 months.

Latest News

Banning energy drinks sales to children

The Government is seeking the public’s views on banning sales of energy drinks to children and young people. The plan is part of its strategy to halve...Read more

Lorcaserin hits the headlines

Public faith that a solution to obesity can be found in medication received a boost with the enthusiastic response of lay media to the results of the...Read more

Large UK trials test aspirin and omega-3 fatty acids

The UK ASCEND Study Group recently reported large trials that addressed two thorny issues in its study population of 15,480 people with diabetes but no...Read more

Diabetes toolkit for university students

Diabetes UK, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and NHS England have developed a toolkit for young people with type 1 diabetes who are attending...Read more

Not all type 2 diabetes reversible by extreme weight loss

Pancreatic cells in people with type 2 diabetes may not recover the ability to produce sufficient insulin if they do not overcome ‘the stress of being...Read more

Negative results clear empagliflozin and liraglutide, no cancer benefit with aspirin

Three analyses of large studies involving people with diabetes have all proved negative – with different implications. Boerhinger Ingelheim has reported an...Read more

Featured Articles

Pimples and pustules in diabetes
Pimples might seem trivial. But just one can cause acute embarrassment to a selfie-obsessed teenager. Extensive skin eruptions can cause psychological problems. Beware infection in people with diabetes, especially Staphylococcus aureus which can spread internally and externally, sometimes rapidly.
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Education in diabetes: finding the words and the way…
Janet Kinson is credited for laying the foundation for what is now firmly established as diabetes specialist nursing. It is an honour to be the nominated speaker to deliver this lecture in 2018. I would like to use this platform to present work that I have been involved in, as a doctor, as well as offering personal thoughts on education in diabetes.
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Living with type 1 diabetes and an insulin pump: a qualitative insight
This study aims to provide a qualitative insight into the experiences of people living with type 1 diabetes mellitus who use an insulin pump, and thus inform diabetes care practices including psychological support programmes.
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